JV Team



September 12th

A couple of visible improvements in our game against Walpole.  The back line was stepping out and taking balls out of the air.  This put enormous pressure on the other team as long balls came right back into Walpole’s defensive third and the could never get a moment to rest.  Today I want to recognize the play of our strikers.  Both Erin and Hallie dominated the space today and both had cool, clinical finishes.  This ability to take your time in the box is a wonderful skill and both girls demonstrated it today.

And, of course, I’d like to thank our wonderful hosts from last night.  The fireplace lighting the backyard as the last dregs of summer faded away made the evening magical.  When that was combined with great company, excellent food, and delicious wine…well I should have signed up to coach JV along time ago!

September 11th

Braintree Result was disappointing but still lots of strong performances visible on the day.  A special notice to Elizabeth who went in to play left back for the last 12 minutes and did a great job.  Also, Zoe literally left it all on the field, in her best shift of the season so far.  We were the more skillful team, and created more chances,  but the nature of soccer is that you are rewarded for finishing your chances, not just creating them.  We will be working on that all season.  Look forward to seeing you all at the pot luck tonight.

We have THREE games next week, so sleep, hydration, and more sleep are very important for the next 7 days.

September 9th

For those of you who came to the Norwood game, thank you.  The girls played very well and won 14-0.  Lots of chances and opportunities to work on finishing.  Hard to pick out just a few players with such a strong team game but I will mention that Sophie Miller took a shift at right wing and scored a beautiful goal from distance.  Always a good sign when your teams regular defenders can score like that.  And a shout out to Casey for scoring the first goal.  Getting the breakthrough allowed everyone else to relax and just play.

Another game today, also at home, against Braintree.  Should be a much closer game.  Look forward to seeing you all out there.

September 8th

Home game against Norwood today. We are at Warren Field. Game starts at 4:00pm